Guided tours

We organize guided tours for schools, individuals and groups.

Since 2013 we have introduced this news to show,  to all who desire it, the world of rice cultivation.
Key points of the tour:

  • Company and the entire production cycle of rice
  • Path between the rice fields to know the methods and techniques of cultivation and irrigation
  • Illustration and demonstration of different types of rice
  • Visit to the rice mill and direct demonstration of the various processes of rice processing
  • Observation of the husking that, by choice, still happens with stone machines, to ensure a fresh and traditional products
  • Visual comparison of the differences between products
  • On request, insights about various uses of types of rice in kitchen
  • Inside store with the possibility of buying the product directly
  • The duration of the visit is 1 hour
  • Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
  • For info +39.3894884108 (Luca Rizzotti) o email

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