Rice production cycle

Rice mill - Packaging

Once refined, the rice should only be packaged. We make it still by hand, for both the under vacuum and for the traditional canvas bag. Since 2009, we introduced the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), a procedure which involves the replacement of the oxygen present in the package with a weighted mixture of gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

The MAP technique acts by counteracting the alterations caused by the atmosphere and by the gases that act on the rice in direct or indirect way, thereby controlling the enzymatic chemical reactions and microbiological processes that affect the food itself. In vacuum packaging in fact, the elimination of oxygen hinders the oxidation processes as well as the survival of aerobic bacterial flora. In addition the protective atmosphere guarantees action also on anaerobic microorganisms and microflora rice, extending the shelf-life. The action of carbon dioxide reduces the moisture present in the beans, thereby making the product, even in the opened package, less attackable by agents present in the air. Unlike the under vacuum, this procedure gives our rice the opportunity to present to the consumer at its best and original, with grains intact and no discoloration.


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