The Story

Since the end of the XIX century Rizzotti family works in the agriculture sector, since Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour promoted the construction of the homonymous canal that was built from 1860 to 1863.

It originates from the Po near Chivasso and ends after 85 km of Piedmont plain into Ticino in Galliate. This work of hydraulic engineering conveys large amounts of water in the Lower Novarese, providing a channels intertwining unique and indispensable for rice cultivation.

From then on Cascina Fornace has always cultivated the king of cereals, alternating with corn, grass and meadows, used for cattle ranching. The company has always had an agriculture and farming address, milk produced by cows raised was sold to dairies, mainly for the production of gorgonzola cheese.

In 1998, Cascina Fornace invested in the realization of a rice mill in order to complete the production cycle from seed to sale, making full use of the 80 hectares of rice fields owned. Three years after the company's activity focused exclusively on rice cultivation, leaving zootechnics and multicoltura.

This choise has allowed to obtain a reliable and high quality product without forgetting the attention to the environment, for example a few years ago the company began, in collaboration with leading institutions, to use "compost" that is achieved by using manure and green organic material resulting from the separate waste collection. The commitment is also measured in the application of the latest technologies. In the field of cultivation was introduced the laser leveling system of the ground and the GPS system, installed onboard of agricultural vehicles, allows to perform normal operation, such as weeding, planting and fertilizing with more precision and best results. For the stage of rice processing, the company invested at the beginning of 2008 in a new optical reader need for careful selection of beans.

The choise of Fabrizio Rizzotti, at the helm of the company, to continue this activity derives not only from the desire to continue a tradition, but also by a genuine passion for this product.

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