Eco quality

Riso Rizzotti adopts ecological procedures for rice production


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With the aim of obtaining a product of superior quality and always in the forefront, from the harvest 2014 has been introduced the testing of an "omnivorous" hot air generatorfor drying rice. This hot air generator offers the possibility of drying the rice with zero impact; unlike diesel and LPG, normally used as fuel for the drying of the rice, which release on the product the fumes due to combustion, in this case the warm air sent to the system of drying from the hot air generatoris free, without residue thereby giving added value to the cereal treated. The total absence of CO2 in the air drying allows to give a genuine and natural product. The materials used as fuels can be manifold as well as natural wood pellets, olive residues, nut shells, sawdust, wood chips, corn and many other types of wood waste agricultural-forestry. The project, in which we have believed with great enthusiasm from the start, has been developed and implemented by ARS CALORIS ( Rice Rizzotti today can boast of being the first company in Italy to have implemented this technology. 


fotovoltaico 600x400The Rizzotti Company, sensitive to the current problems of polluting emissions in the air, has chosen to have a production of electricity from the sun, so as to meet in an ecological and economical way his energy needs. This also helps to have a more "clean" product claiming the future.
The photovoltaic system of power 20 kWp is made up of 80 crystalline silicon modules and placed on our main shed.The energy is fully used by our rice mill.

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