Campagna Amica Foundation

The idea is to fully express the value and dignity of Italian agriculture; for this in 2008 rises the Campagna Amica Foundation, promoted by Coldiretti.

The Foundation is open to all, farmers and citizens and acts as a meeting place between producer and consumer to respond to issues of great interest such as food, tourism, ecology, health and well-being.
Campagna Amica Foundation supports Italian agriculture in three main areas: direct sales, tourism, eco-sustainability.

Campagna Amica:

  • Organizes and promotes the points of excellence of Italian agricultural supply chain from producer to consumer and zero km
  • Enhances the quality of agrotourism establishments carefully selected and promoted by Terranostra, the association of Coldiretti that supports tourism in the country
  • Enhances the typical products of our wonderful land
  • Initiates and supports campaigns to defend the heritage of forests, lakes and rivers and biodiversity
  • Contributes to the development of renewable energy
  • Monitors prices, lifestyles and eating habits of citizens
  • Produces instruments of knowledge and information for a proper nutritional education, promoting virtuous life styles towards the environment

Riso Rizzotti participates in the markets of Campagna Amica, the farmer's market, where only Italian agricultural products from the regional territories are sold. Riso Rizzotti is present at the Largo Leonardi Market in Novara on the first and third Sunday of the month and at Galliate on the first and third Friday of the month. The market is open from 08:00 to 13:00. For more information, visit the Campagna Amica website

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